Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Think Creatively

I've been keeping my eyes open as to see how I can best utilize this art degree I've got behind me.  It's actually coming in handy much more than one might think...Besides developing posters and registration forms:

2 pictures taken from Google images (Which I really don't like doing) put together
with some filters and such

The image game from shutterstock, but a Lot of editing went
into making it personal and into making it better

Once again, quite a bit of editing went into
this to make it look right
The back of the form--the bottom section
is cut off

Though those are great fun to make and all, I still feel like there's something more on the horizon.  I've found that the greatest gift I have been given was to be able to think creatively.  I honestly thought after my graduation that I'd missed that train and never really was taught to think outside of the box.  The more I get into the "real world" though...I'm realizing just how much I actually did manage to pick up.  To be able to improvise means a great deal.

I also never knew how studying as an artist for four years would affect the way in which I perceive...well, reality.  When I pray or talk about God, I'm naturally drawn to stories of creation and imagery of which I feel best conveys my thoughts or ideas.  I use words like "saturated" and talk of "strokes" of love and visualize lessons and teachings as opposed to seeing them written in black and white.  Where is this all headed?  Who knows, but I couldn't be more thankful right now to be outside the box.  Everyone says it's lonelier...and they're right, it is...but the view is much better.