Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Figure Studies

I did my first ever drawing from a model today (no, mom. She wasn't nude). Here's the finished product:

Overall I'm pleased. I've never done this, after all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Demo of my new lens! =]

Caylyn, forgive me... I can't remember his name. It's like Oggy or something.

I got my new 55 mm camera lens that I am enjoying very much. The main difference from my other lens I've been using? With this one, I can focus on objects that are 1.5 ft away from me, as opposed to like 5 or 6 and there is a wider frame. It makes things such as Oggy here easy to take pictures of. I visited Caylyn today and she was nice enough to let me test it out a little. Thanks!

Notice the depth of field- things in the background are very blurry

In this next photo you can see it a little better:

See? the clarity of the left eye vs. the right one. Interesting, eh?! :)  I really like this photo, the clarity of the left eye and eyebrow are great, I think. I was playing with the exposure (think whiteness) that I should give it. I overexposed it some, but the whiteness on the left cheek and nose became flat and washed out, so I decided to undo it.

I don't question the stuffed animals, I just take their pictures. This is a giraffe that looks like it has no eyes..

Once again, the foreground, very blurry. and the middle ground (the giraffe), crystal clear. I love it.

A little cheap photoshop fun:

This is for my kickball team! We're the "Angry Hummingbirds!"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Proof that the projects are building up.

Project #1: Video and Quality Testing.

This film is a sample of how good of quality my d90 can record. It's shooting in 720 hd. You'll notice, obviously, that I am holding it with my hand and am focusing it manually as well. In order to fully experience the quality, you will need to have a fast connection and have HD turned "on". There is a second one that I just haven't uploaded yet.
I would love to create my first short film at some point. Write the script and all, we'll when/if that happens.

Over all, I am very impressed with the quality.

D90 Video Test from Joshua Gale on Vimeo.

Project #2: African Masks

This one is still in development and I'm not going to disclose much information, yet. :)  As it progresses, though, I will definitely update it on here. A couple pictures should satisfy you, though. And yes. These are real.

Isn't it gorgeous?
Take 2.

Project #3: The Pit

Remember a long time ago when I posted a picture of my brother, Matt, and I doing cool moves on what looked like the moon? Yes, well, there is still much that could be done with those. For now, this will have to satisfy. It's Matt busting a sweet move while I'm almost busting my head it looks like.

Project #4: School!

Classes have begun, and so has the homework! See? The assignment was to draw 3 hands from real life; one foreshortened (top right), one from an open view (left), and one from the top or side (bottom). They're just sketches, but I like the way they turned out. Notice they're all left hands, ha. That's because I'm right handed!

Project #whatevernumberI'mon: These could go forever

My experience in the Dominican Republic will linger forever. I am so glad I've got these to remind me of that. Look at her attitude! I've still got to go back to many of those from the D.R., even ones that I already edited, and fix them up!

Also, I have the domain name and a server for - I've come up with several designs for it and always end up trashing them to restart later. I know, I'll stop doing that and actually come up with something soon. I've got a new niece, Sophia, coming soon and I've been commissioned by my sister to help her with pictures. That's not supposed to sound like I don't want to, because I do. I'm pumped!

Oh, and I've got a new lens coming in the mail. That just opens up so much more! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

African Mask Pt. 1

Okay, so here is a demo of many things to come. I've gotten an incredible opportunity to do photographic work with lots and lots of old African masks (We're not even allowed to touch them without gloves on!)

Be sure that after you press play, you click and drag on the image. You'll see several little options running along the bottom. The one in the bottom right corner that resembles a square means "full screen". Click it! Also, you can zoom in and out and use the "hand" tool to move the images around. Give it a try!

And no, I did not steal the swf.. I'm working on this whole licensing issue now.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Expirementation at the Mill #1

I spent a small portion of my day yesterday at a place called "the mill". I plan to return again (perhaps with a model :O volunteers? :) when I have more time to spend. My roommate, Jared, informed me that there is some interesting graffiti, which I thoroughly enjoy, and interesting lighting conditions inside (which I am saving for a later date and post all to itself). Below are a few pieces of art..oops. I mean, graffiti that I liked..


Fun colors, haha. 

What is "the mill"?
You're guess is as good as mine. A fun place to go which we're not supposed to? sounds good to me.
Whenever I was approaching the building from the direction I did, I felt as if I were approaching some sort of haunted house. With this photo I was hoping to show that interesting but eerie effect that I felt.

See? Is this even Milledgeville? Dum dum dummm.....

There was lots to photograph. Fortunately there were 2 guys in kayaks riding the current. I hope I didn't freak them out!
This is HDR-esk and I like it. :)
I like the motion displayed in this photo. Adds a nice dynamic Touch I think

2 more random pictures:
No, this is not me condoning the use of the beverage, but I feel like this would make a great desktop background or something

And a smiley bridge. :)

 As  I said, I need to work more on line value, so I did a few sketches of an eye that I saw online. Hm..

 They freak me out, but I feel as if they turned out decently?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Indira!

This is another tree done in pastel (no time-lapse video this time). A few differences.. There is only one tree. In my previous drawing, I did four frames and in took Forever. This time, though, I was able to focus on one of them. This tree is also larger than the other four I've done. Also, last time I used oil pastels, this time I used soft pastels. If you are wondering the difference, think about drawing with Crayons vs. drawing with chalk (Crayons = oil, chalk = soft)

This is my first time working with this medium. The light blue color blended very easily with your finger, but the darker/harder the colors the more difficult they were to blend. Another issue that I've run into with pastels, both soft and oil, is that they come in sets. Sure, you can buy big fancy large fold out sets, but I'm a poor college student and am stuck with what Walmart decides to sell. Therefore, I am lacking in having a large selection of colors. I wish the tree could have been more shades of green rather than brown and yellow, but it is how I had to make it work. My preference is oil, btw. I like materials that feel real in your hand; something that smears and is thick. I definitely can see myself using the soft pastels later, though. There's a lot of untapped potential with them.

But! It is okay because this is actually a birthday present for my friend Indira, who most know as Desiree. I told her I would do a tree for, so here it is! Happy Birthday! :)

And a few details:

The styling is a tad more rough than what I'd wanted, but with the overall process of making it this is just how it came to be. I will begin practicing soon on more shading and softly applying mediums

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A few revisions_Elderly Man

 Now that I have splurged out most of my favorite photos that I took from the Dominican Republic, I may go back to some of them such as this one and finish the job. Yes, several of them have already been edited, but most of that editing was done rather quickly. Confession timee: I suck at completing work. I love getting a start to lots of things and roughing it in, but whenever it comes to finishing a piece and getting really meticulous, I fail. Here's to making an attempt to change that. Below are a few edits of an old man that I was able to capture while down there.

Black and White Vs. Color

Both have really interesting characteristics to me; their own "vibe", so to speak. And yes, each with its own flaws, as well. B&W, for instance, has a great feeling and strong emotion- the blacks and darks weigh really heavily. The color photo seems really... real. Perhaps the colors are too vivid for the mood?

This one is growing on me. I've applied a warm filter which does a few things. #1- it lightens the mood. It's not as spooky. #2- the highlights and shadows balance more. We're not being blinded by the glare off the face nor are we being drudged down by such dark shadows.

The framing changes things. I'm still trying to figure out how I like it.  :)

Cropped and Black and White.

This one interests me. I do love the hard contrast between the black and white which almost causes contours to develop in all the aging of the face. Features of the face tend to stand out. When I look at it, I feel more analytical. As if I am studying him. I'm not so concerned about why he is aged like so or what caused him to become that way as much as I am interested in the shapes of the face. The eye, ear, and cheek are each very crisp. The hair like white wool.

Feel free to let me know what you think of any of these via phone, facebook, or comment. I'm interested in other people's feedback!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Slavery? Almost.

I feel as though coworkers will enjoy this more than most others, but for those who are fortunate enough to not have to work at Papa John's, this is how the founder, John Schnatter is made to look to his peons.. oops. I mean, employees.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Apple 1

I'm actually not a big fan of how this turned out, but whatever. To understand how this came to into being, though, you've got to be aware of what I was using. My desk area is slowly turning into a Frankenstein of random art materials, stuff. But, the first thing I grabbed is the orange charcoal-esque stuff as well as the black charcoal. Then I grabbed for a graphite pencil and even used a little bit of white charcoal. All in all it ended up gray and bleh.

Perhaps I will try another more realistic one tomorrow

Friday, August 6, 2010

A tip of the hat

to Josh Evans for getting me to do something else tonight. My last week or so I've not had any time to do anything due to Summer class and work, BUT, that class is now over. and I don't work every day of the week, so there's no excuse. I did a kind of quick charcoal drawing earlier- I didn't spend too much time on it, so I'm pleased with the final product. I'm aware everything isn't quite proportionate and that it's definitely a rough draft, but it was nice to actually do something again!