Monday, September 27, 2010

Senior Project Pt. 2

Here is the 2nd (and hopefully less complicated) portion of my previous post; the application of what we learned.

I've gotten a camera lens from a company, Loreo, call lens in a cap that takes photos from 2 separate perspectives at the same time. Basically, it looks like this:

And here is a photo that I took using it at a wedding of my friend, Lee:

Note that the left image looks very similar to, but is slightly different than the right image.

How to make the image above look 3d

I would explain it, but photographer Neil Creek is much better at it so I'll send you his way:

Here's another photo of his to try it on: A light painting that I will definitely be trying out, soon.

Copyright All rights reserved by neilcreek

This post is important! I will be showing images like this for a while, I'm sure! So for them to make sense you should learn how to cross-view!
For those who can't, though, there are viewing tools such as Loreo's pixi-viewer that is like a pair of glasses that does the crossing over for you. I emailed the company that sales them and asked for a donation of 10 pair for guests to use at my senior exhibition which they replied to and agreed to send me. So major props to Loreo for cool equipment and staff!

This is all for now.

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