Thursday, August 19, 2010

Proof that the projects are building up.

Project #1: Video and Quality Testing.

This film is a sample of how good of quality my d90 can record. It's shooting in 720 hd. You'll notice, obviously, that I am holding it with my hand and am focusing it manually as well. In order to fully experience the quality, you will need to have a fast connection and have HD turned "on". There is a second one that I just haven't uploaded yet.
I would love to create my first short film at some point. Write the script and all, we'll when/if that happens.

Over all, I am very impressed with the quality.

D90 Video Test from Joshua Gale on Vimeo.

Project #2: African Masks

This one is still in development and I'm not going to disclose much information, yet. :)  As it progresses, though, I will definitely update it on here. A couple pictures should satisfy you, though. And yes. These are real.

Isn't it gorgeous?
Take 2.

Project #3: The Pit

Remember a long time ago when I posted a picture of my brother, Matt, and I doing cool moves on what looked like the moon? Yes, well, there is still much that could be done with those. For now, this will have to satisfy. It's Matt busting a sweet move while I'm almost busting my head it looks like.

Project #4: School!

Classes have begun, and so has the homework! See? The assignment was to draw 3 hands from real life; one foreshortened (top right), one from an open view (left), and one from the top or side (bottom). They're just sketches, but I like the way they turned out. Notice they're all left hands, ha. That's because I'm right handed!

Project #whatevernumberI'mon: These could go forever

My experience in the Dominican Republic will linger forever. I am so glad I've got these to remind me of that. Look at her attitude! I've still got to go back to many of those from the D.R., even ones that I already edited, and fix them up!

Also, I have the domain name and a server for - I've come up with several designs for it and always end up trashing them to restart later. I know, I'll stop doing that and actually come up with something soon. I've got a new niece, Sophia, coming soon and I've been commissioned by my sister to help her with pictures. That's not supposed to sound like I don't want to, because I do. I'm pumped!

Oh, and I've got a new lens coming in the mail. That just opens up so much more! :)

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