Monday, August 23, 2010

Demo of my new lens! =]

Caylyn, forgive me... I can't remember his name. It's like Oggy or something.

I got my new 55 mm camera lens that I am enjoying very much. The main difference from my other lens I've been using? With this one, I can focus on objects that are 1.5 ft away from me, as opposed to like 5 or 6 and there is a wider frame. It makes things such as Oggy here easy to take pictures of. I visited Caylyn today and she was nice enough to let me test it out a little. Thanks!

Notice the depth of field- things in the background are very blurry

In this next photo you can see it a little better:

See? the clarity of the left eye vs. the right one. Interesting, eh?! :)  I really like this photo, the clarity of the left eye and eyebrow are great, I think. I was playing with the exposure (think whiteness) that I should give it. I overexposed it some, but the whiteness on the left cheek and nose became flat and washed out, so I decided to undo it.

I don't question the stuffed animals, I just take their pictures. This is a giraffe that looks like it has no eyes..

Once again, the foreground, very blurry. and the middle ground (the giraffe), crystal clear. I love it.

A little cheap photoshop fun:

This is for my kickball team! We're the "Angry Hummingbirds!"

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