Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't forget the children.. I never will

Okay, now that I've slowly exhausted pictures of the Dominican Republic, I'm going to change course back to normal stuff again. Considering I still have several photos that I haven't even had time to touch, I'm sure that they will show up again, but here's a couple more of the children. I hope my camera has done this experience justice. Don't forget that if you click on the image, you get the full size view of it.

And I guess this could be a plug-in. If you want prints of any of these, let me know,

This little boy was awesome. He had a washer on a string and would just hold the string loose then pop it and watch the plastic washer continue to spin.

She was so shy..

There were TONS of kids dragging these branches across this big field. I asked what they were doing and the only answer I could understand was, "playing!"

Band pic? ha.


  1. Love these! I especially like the backs of the little girl and boy. Once again, great job!

  2. For some reason the picture of the little 'shy' girl reminded me of the drawing you did earlier. was that a 'memory drawing' of her?

  3. The drawing I did was actually based off that little girl, Aunt Linda. "Inspired by" may be a good way to put it