Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some audio.. what?

I work with a guy named Dee who listens to rap and I told him that I could make a rap song if I tried, so in order to prove it, I've got till the 2nd week in August to come up with something- This project will be easy.

Here's part of the intro- TERRIBLE sound quality because it was recorded on my phone

It's just a draft, so it probably won't end up anything like this, but whatevs!

There's more of it that's not uploading for some reason.. I'll just deal with it tomorrow

And another experiment that was done yesterday, I ended up scrapping it because it started to sound like garbage, and the singing wasn't forreal. I threw it on there at the last part so you could see what I was eventually going to do. I'll do another, better one, later.

I've also been developing a website for an online portfolio of mine.

My blog has not been updated recently, but I promise I've been working!

One more to go: It came out okay :/ -- I'm pretty sure this was filmed around 2am.. =]

You and Me from Joshua Gale on Vimeo.

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