Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh boy.. You're in for a treat..

So, this blog was and still is dedicated to my exploration and documentation of all the aspects of my camera among other things.. One great thing about the d90 (for me) is that it incorporates a video camera. =]

Of course, before any real recording can be done, the sound quality must be tested.. thus, this post.

I really can play the guitar better than this.. and more than 4 chords.. and can sing better.... oh, whatever- judge me if you want. This is me. :)
..totally improved, btw. ..and just ignore my butt sticking in front of the camera for the first 10 seconds. I couldn't find my pick...

Testing..Testing..Is this thing on? from Joshua Gale on Vimeo.

Lyrics (I just transcribed everything I said):

I don't know if you can hear me... or if you can see me

This is my
I just wanted to see
If the camera can hear me and the guitar
At the same time
To see.. How the quality would be

This is my
Talking portion
As if I were
Really really Serious. and I'm
Talking about my song- that's so important
And there's a big meaning behind it


Did you you like the pause there?
Yeah, that's where I would noramlly go into a song.

Btw, I'm not very good at guitar.

Mr. Camera,
You make me kind of nervous
Sitting there
Just looking at me
Mr. Camera

Nikon, that's what you are
Nikon, you make me happy
Nikon, Nikon.. It's just kind of fun to say

I'm going to talk some more about
How seriuos my song is
And about my camera that makes me kind of nervous

Mr. Camera,
This is my test.
This is my test.
This is my test.

I hope you like it

This is me not letting the song die
Because I'm finishing it out with a touching story
Something that meant something to me
Or how much I love my camera
This guitar is kind of cool,
It's my Mom's- Thanks Mom!
..That's how a lot of people end things

okay, it's really ending now.


I will be posting more pictures from the D.R. but figured I take a short break from them

Later! ..if you'll still be my friend


  1. you were right, this was a treat and i loved everything about it...especially the fact that you're wearing the blue shorts! :]

  2. Josh, you are just too funny!