Monday, July 26, 2010

Spanish Presentation ..presented in Spanish..

This is a video presentation that I had to do for Spanish II.
Scene 1--
I'm explaining what telenovelas are and comparing them to soap operas. I also explain that there are 2 important aspects of them, music and drama. Such as:

Scene 2--
Both parts, of course done by me, are 2 people having a dispute. One guy, the angry one, was having dinner with his girlfriend and guy #2, Raul, came up to them and started talking to her. "That's a problem with me- that's no good. Now, it's a problem with you, too"

Scene 3--
A recap of the importance of music and drama. And the insertion of 1 more key element- Romance. "Love here, and here, and there, and way over there in All of the characters". The theme of romance is demonstrated heavily in:

Scene 4:
A really cheesey and improved love poem.
Your love is enough to make my heart stop.
I love you. Like a fat guy likes roast beef.

Scene 5:
Just a conclusion. "Yes, telenovelas do have a style that is a bit.. Strange. But it's okay, because they are only for entertainment"


The last scene is a blooper (which I had many of)- it was the first time I was trying to deliver my talk, but I got really paranoid because Mexicans were outside and live next door.

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