Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Art as a..

means of entertainment, product of dromena, stint of advertisement, product of a utilitarian society, source of happiness, joy, and pleasure, display of worship, way of inspiration and depiction of empathy, jaw-dropping commentary on society, way of silent and in-your-face petition and protest, measurable and visual explanation of history. Art as an experience or as an object, a product of civilization and of boredom that shows undeniable proof of human development and is used for some as a profession and for others as a simple past-time or hobby.

This blog is something something that I have been considering doing for quite a while but never actually put into motion. The original idea was to call it 365 days of art where I do my best to come up with part of or a completion of 1 single piece of artwork everyday of the year (or as close to it as possible). The longer that I lingered on the idea, I realized that it would almost become just another commitment that I probably would not be able to meet, eventually taking the joy out of what I'd like to do and probably becoming a disappointment to myself for not completing it. SO, what I AM going to do, is commit myself to this blog for a year, attempt to but not commit to posting something daily. The goal and expectation of this blog is to track my progress as an artist, student, and maybe as an entrepreneur of various facets for what seems to be, and should be, a year full of (hopefully good) change. I will begin my senior year in August where I will have to start working on art that will eventually be exhibited in the Spring, continue as a manager at Papa John's (it's okay, you can laugh), run towards Home with my Savior, and look at plans for the future such as a job and/or graduate school (yeah... that's a doozie..).

Most of all, this will be a place of art, and, in particular, MY art in various forms that may encompass any number of those things listed in the first paragraph. I may decide to type some random thing that's been on my mind out like a typical blog, but mostly it will be photos that I have taken/edited, or drawings, or an attempt at a song, or it could be ANYthing. This is MY place to explore. =]

So, there's nothing else really to say but, "Welcome to the mind of Josh Gale" ..hopefully it makes sense!

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