Sunday, June 6, 2010

Days like these...

Are good ones.
Just ask Mr. Frog.

or this flower.

I was able to spend some time in Irwinton, my home home, today. Considering the fact that I love rain, it was truly a good one, but what made it even better is that it's the first day that I've been able to spend some time with my camera when it wasn't after 2am! I'm not used to taking photos that don't need to be edited (such as the flower), but I must admit, it's kind of nice. :)  Below is a photo of a turtle that I stumbled upon (almost literally) before ducking cover inside from the rain. It's an edited and unedited version, hence the "Before" and "After". If I may put my on critique in for just a moment, and I feel that to be appropriate, there aspects of each part that I like more and less. There is a lot more editing that Could have been done, but, for once, I decided to pull back and let it feel a little more natural.

Okay, okay. Today was a good day, like I said, so it deserves enough for 2 posts, but I'll just condense them into one. The next, and last, 2 pictures were done with my brother Daniel. He and my other brother, Matt, wanted me to do this earlier today but we decided on doing it at a later date. Well, after the pouring rain, Daniel and I decided what better time than now? He blew bubbles, we adjusted the lighting and the shutter was left open for an extended period. Simple as that.

And this,

Of course, bubbles broadcast the full color spectrum which makes it look like confetti! Happy Birthday, June 5th and 6th people!

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