Saturday, June 5, 2010

When all else fails,

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I decided to try my first mini photoshoot tonight. And since I'm mostly using the auto feature on my camera and am not the greatest with it yet, I decided to shoot my manikin first to save me some embarrassment. :)

Mostly, I was experimenting with focus. I, of course, edited the next 2 some for a little fun.

Can you feel the drama?  lol.


One of my favorite and biggest challenges as an artist is to give life to something lifeless, or to make something normal and everyday develop character and uniqueness, and even more-so, which is hard to do with something as simple as a manikin, tell a story. Allow the viewer be able to write their own narrative based simply on what is seen in one frame. When I taught digital photography to middle school students for an after school program, one of my favorite projects had to do with this. I asked each of them to take these types of pictures of various objects, such as leaves, rocks and trees. It was amazing some of the shots they took with the cheapest cameras that you had to replace the batteries in every 30 minutes.. Composition naturally falls into place. I will work on this as time goes on and I get more acquainted with my camera. Hmm.. I should name him.. or her (my camera, I mean).


  1. you better name her :]

    -from the girl that names everything, but failed to get you boys to name the giant tv.

  2. Test comment.. again