Monday, June 7, 2010

Awesomest Nieces and Nephews Ever.

Ahgg.. I was going to do a different post, but Photoshop decided to freak out on me a little bit, so I guess I'll save it for another night. Instead I'll focus on a little portraiture of my nieces and nephews, please note that these were done on a typical day with no fixed lighting or dress rehearsals, maybe I'll do one of those later. :) Any volunteers? ha.

In no particular order....

The prop in her hand (and mouth) is an Awesome blue. I love it.


I chose this one out of several because I feel like he is so full of character in this picture. It sums him up perfectly (you know, minus the spit up and wet diapers..)  =]

Samuel (whom apparently doesn't like his picture to be taken)

I caught him smiling whenever he first walked inside; take That recent development of camera-shyness! By the way, this was the Only picture I was able to get of him. Once again, this camera captures blues Very well.


Also a one shot go. At this point, she was busy bossing around her younger cousins on the play mat. The shades of maroon, dark reds, and browns are amazing. Another portrait that I feel suits her very well.

Okay okay. I promised in my first post this to be a blog of varied mediums, and I promise it will be. Hopefully later this week I can get some sketches or charcoal pieces up. I've just been enjoying my camera so much!

A quick preview of tomorrow night's post (which was supposed be tonight's but got messed up):

Happy June 7th! ..for some reason..

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  1. Those pics are absolutely amazing! Great subjects too! :)