Thursday, February 3, 2011

Audio! A long time in the making...

Alright, so I know it is not much so it seems but there is a lot of effort that's been put into this project for quite a while. I basically have an amateur recording studio in my room, lol. I just need foam all over the walls and I'd be set (not that I'm going to do that)...just saying.
I have a pre-professional mic (a RODE NT1-A) hooked to a preamp (Gemini PA-7000). Technical this technical that and wah lah. I have a legit microphone hooked to my laptop running Adobe Audition and it's wonderful.
There have been a LOT of obstacles to make this work. In case you aren't aware, there are lots of things involved with recording equipment, cables, amps, adapter, microphones, etc...It's like a giant puzzle. And each piece has its own quirk that you have to work with/around but it's totally worth it. Sometimes I feel like it is like cranking up a car for the first time after you've dropped so much money and time and thought into it.
After getting all the hardware figured out, I, of course, had to teach myself how to use Adobe Audition. I've used other audio programs before (including this one) but once again each one has its own quirks and equipment and my experience with Audition is limited.
That being said. Here is my first

Shortly I'll be posting more and I would have perhaps played my guitar but it recently screwed up and I'm quite unhappy about it. So perhaps if I get time I will record a tune on the piano. :)

Until then. That little blip is all you get, haha. It's late and I still have some homework to do. This is the start of something glorious.

About as dorky as it gets! But this is me losing sleep to get this
thing to work like it is supposed to!

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  1. Haha that was awesome man! And man that effect was creepy! Can't wait to see what you're cooking up