Thursday, February 24, 2011

Economic breakdown of Milledgeville

I'll explain Why this map is important in another post, it is concerning my senior project, but as of now I'm just going to post it because I find it slightly interesting and it took me forever to put together. The information comes from the Census but in order to get This detailed of information they only allow you to see one little block of Milledgeville at a time...skip this next small section if you don't care but just want to see the map.

How it was constructed:

In order to get the map to show street names and things, I had to zoom in to where I could only see 4 sq. miles at a time. So a small portion. I then took screen shots of all the separate parts of the town then patched them together on Photoshop like a puzzle. It was at least 15 pieces I had to put together. A painn.
But, now that it's done. I have a nice Detailed economically broken down map of Milledgeville:

CLICK the map to make it bigger and more readable!

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