Sunday, February 27, 2011


Painting is fun. Unfortunately, I haven't done hardly any of it in my life...I don't quite know why. Either way, I was asked by my sister to help her paint a consignment shop. It was a blast. I found out there is something I just really enjoy about collaborating with other artists to make it happen. I'd ask Jessica "How's this look?", "What do you think about this?", or "There's just something not Quite there...What do you think?" She'd offer a suggestion and we'd bounce back and forth on color schemes and thematic ideas and it worked. I think, anyway

Apparently I've made a mistake. I accidentally painted a naked woman. It's Supposed to be a silhouette of someone shopping but what I'm finding out is that it sort of looks like a naked woman trying on clothes in a changing area...
NOT naked woman shopping at a consignment store.

Apparently the couple that is starting the shop shared a love story over some old sewing machine...They used to go shop in consignment stores together and he bought the sewing machine for her or something? Either way, I saw a graphic of one and ran with it and got another silhouette out of it:
Love Machine.
There are more photos of the mural but Blogger is being kind of ticky right now and isn't taking all my pictures so I can't put them up but you get the gist. Gist, I like that word.

Also I'll be putting up another long detailed post up tomorrow because I'm finally completely sure what I want to do for my senior project. I'm stoked.


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  1. You and Jessica did a great job! Naked woman and all! haha Can't wait to see what your next project is!