Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little piano bit

Alright, so as promised I recorded a bit on my piano at home. piano is not in the most pristine shape nor does it produce the cleanest sound, but it gets the job done and I enjoy playing it. :) Also the mic was in an odd place sort of and was facing me because I was testing how it does recording both the piano and my voice at once--that demo will come in the near future.
The biggest issue I've come across so far is not a fault of the mic but the operator (yes, that would be me). I need to keep tweaking my EQ to get rid of any kind of "muddy" sound. Anyway, here it is. It isn't very long or anything amazing. I was trying to play some highs, mids, and lows to see how the full sound would come together. Improv #1 in A-minor. Baha. Not's called "untitled" as played in my living room...not much of a recording studio but one must start somewhere!

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