Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A day well spent


I think it's odd how different each day can be. Just look at an array of most college student's facebook statuses. One day is wonderful and productive and the very next day it feels like I'm in a hopelessly lost fight against a bear, but through them both I'm the same person and keep pushing through to the next one to see what it holds.
Well, not quite where that came from but this day in particular was a good one (just 4 days after a Really bad one). I played with audio stuff more and took to the woods carrying a camera and alongside me followed my faithful friend Cedric. Here are some pictures of the endeavor:

He was Super muddy...


For some reason I really like this picture, haha
 The picture in my previous post "My new backyard" was a taken today as well and the picture of a leaf looks great if you click on it.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, the picture of the leaf is definitely my favorite. The composition is strong, the branches coming together around where the leaf is makes a nice focal point and the other branches in the picture provide a nice frame for the whole piece. And while the branches do crowd it a bit, it's nice that the viewer can still "breathe" with the open space.

    (Had a critique earlier today so I'm in that mindset. Haha)

    Sweet photos man! The leaf and the clouds are my favorites